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Year 4

Welcome to Year 4!

4th June 2015


Before half term, Year 4 were learning all about Food, Glorious Food! We kicked off this exciting unit with a fruit tasting session. This gave us the opportunity to try some fruits we’d never seen (let alone tasted) before.


Overall, pomegranate seeds seemed to be the favoured choice across the class. However, sharon fruit was not as popular!


Amongst other exciting learning opportunities, this unit also saw us looking at the Geography of where different foods come from (ie which climates best suit different crops) and we even tried our hand at planning and drawing portraits in the style of Giuseppe Arcimboldo (a famous Italian painter who used to paint people’s faces and bodies as if they were made of fruit).

This half term, we are shifting our focus towards the history of Ancient China. (More specifically, the Shang Dynasty.)


We hope you keep checking our class page as we’ll have plenty more updates on our learning in Year 4.


by Harrison A and Bobbie W

Year 4 School Councillors