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Year 3 enjoying themselves!

Year 3 have continued to make the most of their time at Forest School. Without a doubt mini beast hunting is one of the most popular  activities. With this in mind we constructed a mini beast hotel, to provide a safe haven for bug, quite often bugs are re-homed their once the children are finished looking at them. We have also done whittling of sticks with potato peelers, to teach children the techniques they need to know before using knives. We have sawn wood and made woodland necklaces. The children have used their imaginations and created all sorts of wonderful meals with leaves, grass, sticks and mud. Mud had also been used for making faces on the trees, mud pies and cakes, painting our own faces and sliding about in. Mud glorious mud, it has certainly been a highlight of the Year 3 Forest School sessions!

Spring 2015 unfolding

Over the weeks from February through to mid April we have been watching the unfolding of spring. Each week the children are encouraged to take a minute to observe their surroundings to see what has changed from the week before. We saw the snow drops poke up their little heads and the uncurling of some type of lily. We have watch the progress of the daffodils, but unfortunately we missed their full glory as that happened during the Easter holidays. When we arrived back after Easter we were greeted by a much greener site. The elder and hawthorn trees are all in leaf and the horse chestnut was just beginning to sprout. One of the most delightful surprises was that ALL our baby trees, that the whole school helped plant last autumn, have sprouted leaves. It really is such an exciting time of year!

Thursday 5th March 2015

Year 3 began their Forest School adventure on a wet Thursday at the end of February. Unfortunately no photos were taken that day due to the very damp conditions, however the children loved being out int the rain with a licence to get muddy!

These Photos were taken on the 5th of march and show the children enjoying digging in the mud, collecting mini beasts and building with logs. Two of the girls had managed to construct a working seesaw and many others were occupied with den construction.


Thursday 5th February 2015

Thursday February 5th 2015

Thursday January 29th 2015

Thursday January 22nd 2015

Thursday January 8th 2015

Thursday 27th November 2014

Thursday 20th November 2013

Planting Week - 13th November 2014

All of the children in school had an opportunity to plant a tree. They were very enthusiastic and really embraced the fact that they were planting for the future. Who knows, in 20 years from now there could well be a really beautiful wooded area here and these children will all have had a hand in creating this.


..in the beginning