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The Role of the School Governors


At Kirby Primary Academy the Governing Body work together as a group, coordinated by the Chair of Governors. This role is elected by the Governing Body and usually serves a term of at least two years.


Governors are appointed as either headteacher, staff, parent or Community representatives but they all work to benefit a common group - the children! By having a wide variety of experience and expertise within the governing body members, we are able to provide a range of perspectives to each meeting and the matters that are being discussed. As well as the ‘lay’ views of those without an educational background, experience from the business world is always valuable and having Governors with this expertise can be extremely beneficial as school budgets and administrative issues develop under the direction of national policies.


Several of the main areas that the Governing Body work on involve close cooperation with the school head teacher and the management team within the school, including:


  • The development and setting of policies for the school.
  • Discussing and working on the development plan.
  • Efficient management of the school budget ensuring effective and appropriate use.
  • Ensuring statutory duties are upheld and maintaining accountability.


The head teacher and the school management team undertake ongoing day-to-day management of the school and issues of daily management do not usually form part of Governors’ meetings.

The Governing Body at Kirby Primary Academy does operate a system of sub-committees, two meetings are held each half term, each with a specific focus on either curriculum or financial matters.


Specific working parties can be formed to undertake pieces of work or research on particular issues and these report back to the governing body meetings at agreed intervals. On occasion the Governing Body meetings include a session or presentation from individuals such as subject leaders, the school finance manager or school council representatives.


It is important to understand that all Governors must maintain strict confidentiality at all times, as the role often means they are privy to sensitive information relating to the school and its community.


All non-confidential minutes are available on request in writing to the headteacher.

The Local Governing Body of Kirby Primary Academy

John Smith

Chair of Governors

Lynn Gent

Vice Chair of Governors

Debbie Byles

Kirby School Governor (Staff)

Kathryn GilbertKirby School Governor (Staff)
Chris HoweKirby School Governor (Support Staff)
Melissa Kinsmore-WardKirby School Governor (Parent)
Pam GreenKirby School Governor (Reach2)
Anthony DavenportKirby School Governor (Parent)



The governing body can be contacted directly via the Chair via e-mail at the following address: john.smith@kirbyacademy.org

To learn more about our Governors and their skills, please see their profiles, training and interests below.