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Year 6 Residential Trip Diary and Pictures


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Here is our diary of events -


22/5/15 10:50 am - Final day, woke up and packed.  Everyone has done really well. Bird man arrived and fascinated the children with his bird show.  The children were lucky enough to see and stroke a barn owl.  Some even overcame their fear of ravens.  Stroking a hedgehog right now!  Plan to leave by 1:00pm.  See you soon.

21/5/15 12:28pm - We had a talent show last night.  Kirby certainly has talent. Really good fun.  

Out at Blakeney Point now.  Today we have seen seals, we are walking across dunes and we will be walking through 2 miles of mud!  A beautiful sunny day.  Later a complete change of pace - a disco.  All is rocking!

20/5/15 10:16am - Yesterday afternoon was very exciting.  We were given a compass and a map.  The children had to find letters which made up an anagram.  Thunder and lightening added to the encounter with monsters.  Screeches echoed through the now dark forest!

Pirate day today. Some dressing up to look forward to.  Involves low ropes, designing shelters and free climbing as well.  Weather is kind to us.  A bit tired but all still in high spirits.  So time to get in role - Argh.

19/5/15 2:00pm - Heading up the monster trail.

19/5/15 10:35am - Team building activities today. Practising our life values. Progress is very encouraging. Weather holding out.  Looking forward to Ten Pin Bowling tonight. Great.

19/5/15 6:58am - All had a restful night.  Busy day ahead.

18/5/15 9:00pm - All had a good day.  Rained early afternoon but still pressed ahead.  Sun came out at about 3pm.  Evening safari was fun.  Sat around a fire and listened to stories.  Also visited an old Saxon church. Lovely scenery.

18/5/15 11:15am - All arrived safely.  Just settling in before lunch.

18/5/15 9:15am  - The coach left promptly at 9 with some very excited children.  Watch this page and twitter feed for further updates.  They are expected to arrive around 11.30 to settle in before tucking into lunch at 12.30.